Food Delivery In Las Terrenas
Komida !

Las Terrenas airport (El catey) Las Terrenas

Sunday 29 December 2019

Arriving on flight Air transat at 11:20

Not specified
P-a Philibert
Nous sommes 2 personnes et aimerions partagez un taxi jusqu’à LT .


  • Nadiia Vlasiuk
    Hello. I provide transportation services. From El Catey Airport to Las Terrenas, the trip costs $ 50 USA through a toll road and 40 through a free road. Let me know if you are interested. Esperanza +1809 964 9540 (whatsapp)
  • P-a Philibert
    Hi, we are interested!
  • Fred Tora
    Hello, we are 2 and interested too!
  • P-a Philibert
    Hi Fred, do you arrive with Air Transat ? Maybe we can share thé taxi !?
  • Fred Tora
    Salut P-a, oui on prend le même vol avec plaisir pour le partage! 5145609538
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