Food Delivery In Las Terrenas
Komida !

Las Terrenas St Domingo airport

Saturday 6 February 2021

For flight DELTA 1803 at 14:56

1 809 7297879
Donald Case
We have 2 clients leaving LT around 12 noon. ETA SDQ 14h00. We posted message informing people arriving on Air Caraibes at PUJ that same taxi could continue from SDQ and pick them up around PUJ
To coordinate send me an email or call 809 7297879.
Of cours if any body want to share from LT to SDQ or PUJ contact me.
Our taxi is already booked and charges only $140 to SDQ and $250 to PUJ


  • Audrey Felgy
    Hi Donald I sent you a WhatsApp I’m very interested the offer is still available ? Thanks ! Audrey
  • Donald Case
    Sorry I rarely use whatsapp so let us just please call each other 809 7297879
  • Donald Case
    I receive a whasapp from Isabelle are you the same person? I did not see on wahsapp any mesage from you.
  • Donald Case
    Hola Audrey, mes clientes sont prêtes a partager le taxi. Ça serait bien de confirmer aujourd’hui. Elles de chez nous a 12h00. Elles peuvent passer vous prendre a LT vers 12h15 au plus tard. Le taxi est déjà commande et le tarif normal est $140 a vous de partager avec elles équitablement. Pour confirmation mon cell 809 7297879
  • Ron Knowles
    Hi Donald. Are you the. Person that uts this share program together? Thanks
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