Livraison de repas à Las Terrenas
Komida !

Aéroport de Punta Cana Las Terrenas

Mercredi 11 Juillet 2018

Départ de Aéroport de Punta Cana à 18:00

+1 829 458 3682
Robert Fenton
I will be driving from Punta Cana to Las Terrenas (via Santo Domingo). My flight arrives in PC at 16h40.
Let me know if you want to share the ride either to SD or LT (or anywhere else along that route).
I am flexible on times.


Je vais conduire de Punta Cana à Las Terrenas (via Santo Domingo). Mon vol arrive a PC à 16h40.
Faites-moi savoir si vous voulez partager le trajet soit en SD ou LT (ou ailleurs sur cette route).
Je suis flexible sur les horaires.


Voy a conducir desde Punta Cana a Las Terrenas (vía Santo Domingo). Mi vuelo llega a la PC a las 16h40.
Avíseme si desea compartir el viaje a SD o LT (o en cualquier otro lugar a lo largo de esa ruta).
Soy flexible en tiempos.


  • Cam Mirall
    Hello, my flight arrive at 15:10 at Punta Cana. Any chance you can wait for me, so we share the ride ?? I'm going to Las Terrenas. Thank you !
  • Robert Fenton
    Hi Cam, Yes, I can share the ride back with you. Are you travelling alone? The more people we can get to share the ride the cheaper it will be for everyone. The total cost of the ride is $350, so $175 each if just you and me or less per person if we can find more people. I just checked my flight details and it looks like my flight actually arrives at 16h40, so just after yours (I will update my post).
  • Robert Fenton
    Hi Cam, Sorry, I made a mistake. My flight actually arrives in PC on 11th (not 12th) July. The reason I had listed my travel as the 12th was because I was thinking I may just stay the night in PC before driving back to LT the next morning. Either way, I probably won't be able to wait until your flight arrives on Thursday afternoon. Sorry I can't help you this time. I hope you find an alternative solution. Best wishes, Robert
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