Food Delivery In Las Terrenas
Komida !

St Domingo airport Las Terrenas

Thursday 9 March 2023

Arriving on flight Air europa at 20:00

Not specified
Franco Tamassia
1 person. I need a taxi for las terrenas. Not alone ( so expensive ). If someone have the same flight write me.


  • Anne-lise Roland
    Hello i ve got a Friend who arrive at 20.10
  • Anne-lise Roland
    Her whastapp: Could you please send me yours ? Thanks
  • Anne-lise Roland
    Her WhatsApp: + 33 6 82 82 29 32
  • Franco Tamassia
    Thanks. But it's late. I reserved an hotel near the airport.
  • Anna Moret
    If you can chancel your hotel, my plane arrive au 8.10 pm We can go together to Las Terrenas and share the taxi. My Phone is +33 6 82 82 29 32 Let me know
  • Anna Moret
    If you can cancel your hotel I’m ok to share the taxi with you. My plane arrive at 8.10 pm And my phone is +33 6 82 82 29 32 Let me know Anna
  • Franco Tamassia
    Thanks for the opportiunity. But also i don t have reservation for the hotel a las terrenas for tomorrow night. Yesterday i reserved the hotel in santo domingo and tell to las terrenas that i arrive on friday in the.morming
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